CPR, AED, and First Aid Training

This chart describes the difference between BLS CPR and the CPR and First Aid course. If you have questions about which course is right for you, please call Danielle at (304) 543-6208

Course fees are nonrefundable, but may be transferred to another CPR class at least one week before the scheduled class (rescheduling the week of the class will incur a $25 rescheduling fee). If you would like to take a class but do NOT want a CPR card, please enter the code "nocard" at checkout for a $10 discount on any class (if you change your mind and decide you want a card, the $10 is payable by cash or check at the time of the class).

Fight-or-Flight can also arrange classes at your location for groups of 10 or larger for $65 (CPR) or $90 (CPR and First Aid) per person, plus an additional $50 travel fee. Please email Danielle@FightOrFlightEME.com to schedule.

If you are an individual needing a CPR and/or First Aid class and the times listed do not work with your schedule, please click here to schedule a one-on-one class.

Please contact Danielle at (304) 543-6208 or Danielle@FightOrFlightEME.com if you have any questions.