Continuing Education

The National Registry (NREMT) and the state of Montana both require 40 hours of total continuing education every 2 years (20 hrs. national component, 10 hrs. local/state, and 10 hrs. individual). Fight-or-Flight offers one in-person "refresher" course covering the 20 required national hours. Fight-or-Flight also offers online continuing education courses that cover the components of the 20 required national hours. You can complete either the in-person refresher OR the online courses to fulfill the 20 hour National Component. Or, you can complete the online courses AND attend the in-person refresher to fulfill the total 40 hours required every two years. Please click below for more information and/or to register for the in-person refresher and the online continuing education classes.

Recert Requirements and How to Enter Continuing Education Requirements on

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