EMT Recertification

As of April 16, 2022, the state of Montana changed their EMT license renewal requirements to match those of the National Registry's (NREMT) National Continuing Competency Program (NCCP). Future EMT license renewals in the state of Montana now only require applicants to show proof of NREMT certification.* In other words, as long as EMTs complete the 40 hours of continuing education (CEs) required every two years by the NREMT, they will be able to also renew their Montana EMT license. A 24-hour EMT refresher is no longer required. Instead, the NREMT and the state of Montana now require the following to be completed every 2 years**:

  • 20 hours CEs National Component
    • 1.5 hrs. Airway/Respiration/Ventilation
    • 1.5 hrs. Trauma
    • 6 hrs. Medical
    • 5 hrs. Operations
    • 6 hrs. Cardiovascular
  • 10 hours CEs Local/State Component
    • Check with your agency and state, but these hours are commonly left up to the EMT to choose what they would like to study. If you are an inactive EMT in the state of Montana, these hours can cover anything from the EMT curriculum of your choosing.
  • 10 hours CEs Individual Component
    • These hours are your choice from anything in the EMT curriculum

These 40 hours can be completed by attending continuing education trainings, helping teach EMT classes/skills, some college coursework, etc. Check the NREMT's Recertification Guide here to determine whether something "counts" as continuing education.

Fight-or-Flight is offering online continuing education recertification classes covering each of the national component categories and one 20-hour in-person "refresher" course covering the National Component over a Saturday and Sunday March 11 - 12, 2023. EMTs may also complete the in-person refresher AND the 20 hours offered through online continuing education to fulfill the total 40 hours of continuing education. Please register below.

*If you took the Dynamic Path Exam in 2018-2022 and do not have NREMT certification, your lead instructor or medical director will need to sign a certificate stating you've completed the National Continuing Competency Program requirements listed above (the 40 hours of continuing education).

**Alternatively, EMTs may recertify by retaking the NREMT exam every two years.

You may email Danielle@FightOrFlightEME.com or call/text Danielle at (304) 543-6208 with any questions.

Online Course Offerings

Click on each course for more information. The "Coming Soon!" courses will be available by the beginning of March 2023.

Please take note that courses will take the full amount of hours listed. Course videos can not be sped up, skipped through, etc. You must remain on the page for videos to play (if you open another tab, window, etc., the video will stop playing). It is recommended to have a piece of paper and writing utensil prepared to take notes on each video so you can more successfully answer the questions after each video. You must get an 80% on each checkpoint to move to the next video.

Your progress will be saved, so you do NOT have to complete the course all in one sitting. You will be able to log in and continue your progress at any time, picking up where you left off. It is recommended to break up the larger courses (EMS Operations and Medical) into 2-3 chunks. You will be able to download or print a completion certificate after finishing all videos and questions successfully.

Operations (5 hrs.) Coming Soon!

Cardiovascular1 (4 hrs.) Coming Soon!